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Beauty hacks for the gym

Working out is great for your health and wellbeing but it can be troublesome for your beauty regime. We advise you on some handy hacks…

A good gym session can leave your body feeling fantastic, especially after its boosted with the feel good endorphin release. But a run on the treadmill or a session on the weights may not have the best effect on your looks.

A trip to the gym can leave you with sweaty skin, greasy hair and smudged mascara, but there are tricks you can try that will help.

Check out some of our simple beauty tips to have you looking amazing before, during and after your workout.

Drink enough water


Consuming plenty of water throughout the day is important, and even more so when you are regularly working out. Make sure to stay hydrated to avoid letting your skin become parched. Water will keep your skin plump and supple, helping to give you a fresh glow.

You will also be sweating during exercise which means your body is losing moisture more rapidly. Keep replenished by drinking extra fluids!

Minimal makeup


Working out in a full face of makeup is not good. Covering your skin in a thick foundation when you are perspiring can mean the sweat gets trapped in your pores resulting in a breakout. Instead, opt for a tinted moisturiser if you can’t dare to go bare.

Always use a waterproof mascara to avoid smudge lines. Finishing off with some translucent powder will help it stay in place too!

Prep your hair


Apply dry shampoo before doing anything. This will help soak up any moisture during your workout and keep your hair a little more fresh.

Tie your hair back. A good trick for people that head to the gym before work is to go for a loose braid. It will keep any strands out of your face, and then when you’re finished, let it down and you will get a ready made beachy wave hair-do.

Steam it out


To unclog your pores and relax your muscles then try to have a quick steam before you leave. You won’t always have the time but even if you can do it once a week it will help with your complexion.

Wipe it off


If you tend to get red faced after exercise then invest in some cucumber wipes. Rub over your skin before showering to cool it down.

If you are really flushed then put on a light peel off face mask. This will remove the top of layer of dead skin and leave you looking radiant.

Get work ready


Stock up on small beauty products that fit easily in your bag so you feel prepared. When it comes to your post gym make up staying simple is best as you don’t want it to look caked on. A light foundation, a slick of mascara and a pale pink lip gloss is plenty. Spritz your hair with a finishing spray and you’re good to go. 

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