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Andrew’s top 10 tips for selling your home

Impress prospective buyers and maximise your sale Put yourself out. Selling your house is all about real inconvenience. If you don't put any effort in, it could lose you thousands of pounds. Make sure your front door is well painted and immaculate. It is the first contact any prospective buyer will have with your home. Have a sniff. If your home smells bad, sort it out. Buyers and nasty niffs just don't go. ...

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Fabulous furniture

Making your house your home can be tricky and that's where quality, affordable furniture comes into its own. One of the exciting things about having your own home - whether you rent or own it - is stamping your individual mark on it to make it look the way you want.The furniture you choose is one way of giving your home a distinctive style. Whether you want to go with a traditional antique look, a country f ...

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Under offer

Get your home ready for a quick and profitable sale with our 10-point guide... A fresh coat of neutral paint, new tiling or lino, and some new kitchen doors can do wonders to smarten up a tired-looking property. If you'd rather not redecorate, it's still essential that the house be spotless. If you haven't got time, hiring cleaners to make the place sparkle will be money well spent. Have the carpets, sofa c ...

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Easy updates

If your home is in need of a revamp, we show you how to freshen up and accessorise every room for a contemporary and saleable look The world of interior design is as ever-changing as the world of the fashion catwalks - season by season what was 'in' is suddenly 'out' and new ideas and styles are all the rage. If our bank balances, time and space were limitless, we'd all be updating the décor in our homes ev ...

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Money mayhem

Credit crunch, Northern Rock, US property market imploding. The property boom that we were all enjoying seems to be well and truly over, and it doesn't seem like it will get back on track for some time. House prices are now lower than they were a year ago and that hasn't happened since 1996. But what does that really mean for you and me and the average person on the street? Is it all doom and gloom? Round a ...

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The home help

Andrew Winter is a property expert and presenter of Channel 4's Selling Houses and Selling Houses Abroad. In this exclusive interview he explains how to make the property market work for you... Everyone is slightly panicky about the property market, what with the ongoing credit crunch problem in the US and the Northern Rock issue in the UK. What do you think will happen to the UK property market in the next ...

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Andrew Winter’s Foreword

It's a tough time in the property market at the moment, with the credit crunch problem making everyone nervous. But having been in the property game for over 23 years I know that in this market there is always a time of highs which are inevitably followed by lows - and it always come back around again because it is cyclical. My advice in situations like this is do not panic! The wonderful thing about the UK ...

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