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Things you must do in 2014

A new year signifies a fresh start for many people and it’s a great time to indulge in an unforgettable experience or activity that’s always been on top of your wish list. We're put together a list of all the things you must do in 2014 1. I feel the need… the need for speed Probably not content with his feet up watching Corrie, British speed record breaker, Donald Campbell, not only broke the land speed rec ...

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The 10 best CC creams you should invest in this year

Want to fake a flawless complexion in one simple step? Amazing new creams are taking the beauty world by storm, promising convenience, skincare benefits and great coverage in one product. discover how they work, and how to use them… You’ve probably just gotten to grips with blemish balm (BB) creams, yet now these have been superceded by complexion corrector (CC) creams. So, what exactly can they do for your ...

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Get the freedom to explore

Nowadays, travel isn't just about staying in hotels. Be-adventurous – set up camp yourself! Don’t rely on the internet or travel agents to arrange your ideal holiday – take control by buying your own accommodation, and you’ll never be disappointed again. But what type of holiday home would suit you and your needs best? Is having the ability and freedom to choose where you want to go in this country or abroa ...

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Hold on to your youth

From vampire facials to fat transfer facelifts, we’ve got the lowdown on the latest out there. Relying on creams is one thing, while going under the knife is another but, now, there are some new kids in town to rewind the damaging effects on your skin. The latest in high-tech treatments are transforming their users by knocking years off – that’s the idea anyway. Yes, creams, packed with peptides (protein fr ...

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Carol Vorderman – think of a number

Carol knows that being a whiz at maths will help future generations. Maths is taught sketchily in UK schools. Some schools are great and others are very sadly, bad. ‘We are failing our young people when it comes to maths education,’ says Carol. Her view comes following a two-year project, called Maths Taskforce, she undertook with The Conservative Party, examining how to improve the teaching of the subject ...

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Why cruises continue to grow in popularity

Visit several different countries all in one trip with entertainment, food and drink on tap – what’s not to like? Despite the ongoing recession, cruise holidays are proving to be increasing in popularity – according to the Passenger Shipping Association (PSA), 835,000 took a cruise holiday from a UK port last year, an increase of 28% over the last two years. Travel experts say that cruises are gaining in po ...

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Your simple guide to savvy budgeting

Take control of your finances today with a fail-safe budget plan that will have you successfully spending within your means without giving up the things you love. Do you regularly find yourself gathering your last few coins together to pay for a bottle of wine at the end of a month? If so, you know it’s time to work out a budget plan – but one that’s realistic and that you can stick to. Why budget? Budgetin ...

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Holidays: do your expectations exceed your budget?

Broke, but in desperate need of a break? Cheap Holidays have evolved, from tacky to trendy. There’s nothing like a jolly holiday to blow the cobwebs away, recharge those slowly fading batteries and spend more time with your dearly beloveds. However, in these still difficult economic times, you may think a holiday – whether it’s abroad or not – is a luxury you can ill afford. But, if you’re savvy (and if you ...

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Exciting ’tiles’ ahead!

Made from exciting new materials and in a range of beautiful colours, tiles can immediately transform a room. From glistening glass mosaics to bold slate and rustic terracotta, today’s tiles are less boring backdrop, more dazzling and dramatic style statement. Used to accentuate any space, tiles fuse style and function to create an on-trend look. Embed them in your kitchen, bathroom and living area for a de ...

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