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Off the wall

A well-placed mirror or a gorgeous print can bring a room to life. But if you’re stuck for inspiration our guide will point you in the right direction It’s all too easy to get caught up with latest interior trends for room colours. But to create a room you can live with, forget being a slave to fashion, and opt for hues based on your own lifestyle and taste. Remember, too, that the colour of you ...

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Fabulous Fireplaces

Creating a beautiful fireplace is easy with our simple guide… A fireplace is the ultimate focus for a room. ‘But oh, the cleaning!’ you cry. Yes, all that ash can be a real pain, but when it comes down to it you’ll only be spending a few minutes every few days on your hands and knees with a pair of rubber gloves on and a little shovel in your hand. Think of it like toothache – ...

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Deb Drew talks… Shoeboxes, shoestrings and steel toe-caps

The TV star gives us the lowdown on designing for small spaces, sticking to budgets and handling the DIY SOS builders – and others like them! ‘Apart from our own individual personalities that we stamp on our interior design concepts, there are two other key factors that affect our choices. They are, of course, space and budget. ‘However, the two don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand ...

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A plumb job

Avoid rogue traders and tackle some common household plumbing tasks. Plumbing problems are one of the top reasons that professional help is sought in the home. This is quite unnecessary in some cases as some of the most common reasons for phoning a plumber could quite easily be solved by you. We take a look at five scenarios and show how you could save yourself a bob or two on costly call-out and repair cha ...

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Welcome to at home with Nick Knowles

Dear readers, It’s been an extraordinary year for me. As singer, Ronan Keating says, life is a rollercoaster – but throwing yourself off it mid-ride does make things more complicated! As most of you will know by now, I had an accident at the end of 2006 while filming the series Mission Africa, and it has meant I’ve spent the past six months in and out of hospital – not fun at the bes ...

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The big interview

He’s the BBC’s hottest male property, the foundation stone behind the hugely popular DIY SOS and a true celebrity heart-throb to boot – despite the fact that he refuses to wear make up! Nick Knowles talks exclusively to at home. Did you always want to work in TV? Not at all. In fact, I worked in many jobs before I got into TV. I had spells as an actor, in computers and in the Ministry of D ...

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Cooking With Nick

He’s become a dab hand in the kitchen but it wasn’t always that way. Nick talks about his culinary exploits, his time with top chef, Gordon Ramsay, and his love of water buffalo steak! ‘Years ago, when I knew almost nothing about cooking – even less than I know now! – I used to cook the most horrible curries that have ever disgraced a kitchen. I would quite literally chuck anyt ...

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Man about town

Nick tells us what he does to keep fit and reveals where he shops for his clothes and grooming products He’s one of Britain’s most popular presenters, but when it comes to looking after his on-screen persona, Nick Knowles takes a fairly relaxed approach… DIY SOS keeps me in shape My workout regime is all about core body work – press-ups, sit-ups, you know. Actually, we do shedloads ...

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On the tiles

The latest trends in tile design mean the sky’s the limit when it comes to decorating your floors and walls Whatever type of tile you’re looking for, there’s a vast choice to be found in a wide range of materials including marble, granite, slate, onyx, quartzite, sand and limestone to name but a few. And these old classics are now being joined by a range of newer products, such as agglomer ...

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