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High drama beauty

Top make-up artist, Malin Coleman, shows you how to recreate this season’s ‘wow’ beauty trends on our online editor…

Smoky Eyes

This look is here to stay, says Malin. ‘If you’re new to dark eyeshadow, start by using brown shades – they’re easier to wear than black but just as dramatic. Avoid anything frosty or glittery and stick to matte formulas instead as they’re far more elegant.’


Invest in quality make-up brushes. Put the tiniest amount of colour on the tip of your eyeshadow brush and tap off any excess. Using short, upward sweeps, start applying colour from the lash line working across the lid, up to the socket line. Once you’re happy with the depth of colour (you can always layer more on later for a bolder look), use a blending brush to soften along the socket line until it looks totally seamless.

The golden rule with the smoky eye is blend, blend, blend. That’s why you need a brush.

For added drama, frame the entire eye using a soft textured eye pencil. Again, blend well to soften hard lines and create that ‘smudged’ look.

Add two to three coats of mascara, letting the first one dry before applying the next to avoid clumping and ‘spider leg’ lashes.

Keep lips neutral. With eyes this dramatic, the merest slick of nude gloss will do.

Berry Lips

If there was ever a season to channel your inner drama queen, this is it. The look is bold, beautiful and quick to do. The trick, says Malin, is to find your perfect shade. ‘Two colours might look the same, but minute differences in pigmentation and formula will make a big difference to how the colour looks on your lips. That’s why lipsticks are such a personal thing; try a few before committing!’


To make the colour last longer, line your lips using a pencil in the same shade as your lipstick. Don’t attempt to draw one continuous line around your lips as this can look harsh. Instead, apply in short, feathery strokes, then fill in the gaps. Still using your liner, fill in the entire lip.

Apply your chosen lipstick on top, using a lip brush. Apply the colour in thin layers, and each time you’ve finished a layer, blot with tissue to get rid of any excess. Reapply until you get the deep shade you want.

As well as looking very on trend, the other great thing about this look is you don’t need anything else, make-up wise. Perfect for desk-to-dance-floor nights when you don’t have time to do an entire face. ‘Your usual base, a light swipe of mascara and you’re good to go,’ says Malin.

Strobing Effect

‘Radiant skin with a pearlescent sheen was a major theme at this season’s shows,’ says Malin. ‘Summer was about glow, but this look has a more magical quality to it,’ she adds. The good news is you don’t need a magic wand to achieve this gorgeous ‘strobing’ look, just a little expert know-how.


Prep skin with a matte primer, not an illuminating one, to create the perfect canvas (your foundation and ‘glow’ products will add the pearly finish you’re after, which is why you don’t need it at this stage).

Using an illuminating foundation, apply to skin using a damp sponge or blending brush. If you want an extra pearlescent finish, blend a tiny bit of illuminating product into the foundation.

Apply a pinky cream blusher to the hollow under your cheekbones, and blend well.

Apply a pearlescent highlighter to the ‘bony’ parts of your face: above the blusher on your cheekbones, across the bridge of your nose, and sides of forehead.

Keep the rest of your make-up neutral with nude lips, nude eyes and a touch of mascara.


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