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How To Work Out The Quantity of Gravel Needed For Your Garden

Gravel is really great; perfect for low-maintenance gardens, it’s a timeless material that can achieve a range of natural looks and styles for any design scheme. But how do you work out how much material to buy? CED Stone Group have specialised in natural stone and other hard landscaping products for nearly 40 years, and have a handy method you can use to figure it out.

Firstly you need to work out the cubic area you need to cover in m². To do this, you multiply the width x length x depth in meters. CED recommends using 0.05m for the depth of a normal gravel path. So for example, 2m x 5m x 0.05m = 0.5m³

Next, you need to multiply the cubic area by the density of the aggregate, which CED recommends is normally 1.6g/cm³. Following on from our previous example, multiply 0.5 x 1.6 = 0.8.

So you will need 0.8 tonnes of material. CED are able to measure out specific quantities for their customers rather than offering standard amounts so you’ll never have to worry about what to do with leftover materials.

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