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How to live like a celebrity at home

Let’s face it, even the most famous celebs are humans just like us. As well as slobbing out on the couch and watching mind-numbing TV, many celebrities enjoy the same simple pleasures as everyone else in between the TV shows, movies or concerts. Collect model railways Yes, the geekiest hobby going is enjoyed by some big names in the music world. Talent scout and record producer extraordinaire, Pete Waterman ...

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How to fit a light bulb with Osram

1. Select the right cap and shape… 2. Select the right technology… LED BULBS: The rock stars of the modern lighting world. — Energy efficiency: untouchable! — Extremely long lasting (ave. 20,000 hours) — Slighting pricier, but most cost effective in the long run. HALOGEN BULBS: The brilliant compromise. — Energy efficiency: better than incandescents! — Lasts longer than incandescents! (ave. 1,000 hours) — L ...

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How to downsize in retirement

For many, the prospect of downsizing after children have flown the nest can be a daunting one. The desire to de-clutter, reduce belongings and move somewhere new later in life can cause undue stress, but it doesn’t have to. A recent survey, conducted by the International Longevity Centre (ILC), found that one in three homeowners were considering downsizing, yet many delay the process as they are unable to f ...

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How to keep active in your retirement

You have worked hard for your retirement, and it should be a time for you to relax and replace those everyday worries with everyday pleasures. One key aspect to making the most of retirement is to keep active and support your Well-being. Here are some ideas for both body and mind as you enjoy your retirement. Choose where you are going to live in your retirement with care All of The Hawthorns’ group fitness ...

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