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Winterproof your skin

As the cold weather really sets in your skin will feel the difference. Protect yourself this winter with our top tips…

The chilly temperatures, high winds and central heating can all dehydrate your skin, hands and lips. It is also prime time for colds and sniffles to take hold which doesn’t help with your winter skin problems either.

Here are our helpful tips on dealing with common skin complaints.

Flaky face

You should always avoid alcohol based products as this will dry your skin out even further. Instead use a very gentle cleanser followed by an intense moisturiser. Make-up powders can worsen chapped skin too.

Rough elbows

The elbows have a thicker layer of skin that can easily become dry in the winter months. To try and keep them smooth exfoliate with a gentle scrub 2-3 times a week and apply a thick moisturiser or layer of Vaseline. You can coat them overnight, but be sure to wear long sleeves to protect your sheets.

Red nose

Many people suffer from a red nose in the winter months, partly due to the weather and also partly down to the increase in colds. Always blow your nose with soft tissues and don’t let the mucus run as it can further irritate the skin. Keep your nose covered with a scarf in extreme temperatures, while also regularly applying Vaseline around the nostrils to keep it moist.

Dry hands

Hands can easily become dehydrated in the cold weather so be sure to wear gloves when you’re outside and rubber gloves while washing up. Always thoroughly dry your hands and moisturise repeatedly throughout the day.

Chapped lips

Keep your lips moist by applying an SPF lip balm regularly. Cover your lips with a scarf in high winds and try not to lick your lips too much as this will dry them out even more.

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